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Sq (Square) + Enix = Square Enix

it's not just a game but a way of life

Sqenix Icontest
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a weekly themed icontest for Square Enix series

Thank you snm_queen for the lovely banner!


This community is now closed.

Welcome to sqenix_icontest, founded by mesira and now maintained by wildmusings. Please join the community in order to participate, however only the moderator and banner makers are given posting access as everything else is done through screened comments. If you have any questions or suggestions go here.

This is a weekly themed icon challenge for all series by the game developers Square Enix, formerly known as Squaresoft & Enix. This includes all the new series by Square Enix as well as old series by Squaresoft or Enix from before the merge.

Square Enix is best known for their ever-growing series, Final Fantasy. However, they have a diverse collection of games including Drakengard, Chrono Cross, Front Mission, Kingdom Hearts, Parasite Eve, SaGa series, Star Ocean, Threads of Fate, The Bouncer, Vagrant Story, World of Mana Series and so on. They also have produced a few movies like Advent Children and Spirits Within and animanga series like FF Unlimited and the KH manga.

All of their series are welcome here, we encourage the diversity.


The rules are simple: don't cheat and don't cause drama. This is about having fun, being inspired by new themes and improving your skills... not about winning; no sore sports please. You are also expected to be courteous towards the other members, this means not picking fights, openly accusing them of anything (please discuss any suspicions/complaints privatly with the mod) and/or criticizing their icons.

Please note that this is not an icon community it is an icontest, and that means the icons featured here are not necessarily up for grabs. Please do not take icons from the challenges without permission from the icon maker. If you don't know their identity just ask me so you can contact them/give credit. Here is a list of all members that have given me permission to reveal their identities if a person inquires about an icon. So please ask first, don't just take.


Each week you will be given a theme with which to work with. It could be open ended/conceptual, technical, lyrical/text, image or series based. I like to try and keep the themes varied as much as possible.

The submission post goes up Saturday morning, prior to the voting post. This is to ensure members have a longer time period to submit. You will have from then until the next Saturday morning at 8:00 AM EST to submit your entry/entries to the designated screened post only.

The voting post will follow shortly thereafter and you will have from then until Sunday at 8:00 PM EST in the evening to cast your vote to the designated screened post only. A comment will be left when voting is officially closed, no late votes will be accepted at that time.

Winners will be announced within 24 hours, sometime between Sunday and Monday night depending on my schedule. Banners will follow in due time depending on the assigned bannermaker's schedule, remember that you must first request a banner in the results post.

I try and keep both my icontests running as on time as possible, but please understand if sometimes I must be later than originally intended. There will also be times when I must change or extend the deadline due to arising circumstances, notice will always be given. I expect the same patience shown towards my volunteer banner makers.


In order for a challenge to run as normal, we need at least five entries. Mid-week reminder posts are always made to note entry status. Additionally, a final reminder post will be made within twelve hours of the submission deadline if we still do not have the minimum numbers. It is at my discretion whether or not to extend the submission period in these cases.

Each member (excluding multiple accounts) may submit two icons, unless otherwise stated, provided they follow the guidelines/rules outlined in each submission post. If you are submitting more than one icon, then at least one of your entries must feature imagery from a Non FF & KH game.

To submit simply host your icon(s) on an external server that allows direct linking (e.g. Photobucket) and leave a comment in the designated post, it will automatically be screened. All submissions should look similar to this:

Characters: Chocobo
Series: Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Dungeon

[additional information or specific resource credits if applicable]

Community icon by fantasia0829

As a last resort, you can email me your submission as an attachment to wildmusings @ hotmail.com, just make sure to include a relevent subject line, your username and all necessary information. Regardless, I rename and host all submissions on my own server to maintain anonimity and keep voting as fair as possible.

You are welcome to make changes to your icon or swap it with a new one up until the deadline, but please leave a comment letting me know or I may not notice/realize and will upload the older version.


In order for voting to be fair and accurate, we need at least ten votes. A call for votes post will be made within twelve hours of the voting deadline if we still do not have the minimum numbers. It is at my discretion whether or not to extend the voting period in these cases.

All available members should vote regardless of whether they submitted an icon that week or not, as the more votes we receive ensure more accurate results. Each member (excluding multiple accounts) may cast one vote, provided they follow the guidelines/rules outlined in each voting post.

To vote simply leave a comment in the designated post, it will automatically be screened. All votes should look like this:

First Place: 87
Second Place: 23
Third Place: 54

Or this:


You must vote in this order as that is how the points will be awarded: first choice gets 3 points, second choice gets 2 points and third choice gets 1 point. This system was created by fatali of ff_awards.

You are welcome to cast a re-vote up until the deadline, just make sure I'm aware it is a re-vote by indicating in your subject line or comment area. It is preferred that you do not delete your previous vote as it may mess up my count.


Based on popular vote, there will be a first, second and third place icon for Best Overall. An additional non-placing icon will be selected by myself as Moderator's Choice. All winners may receive banners if they wish to have one made.

Two-way ties will stand, but anything greater will result in a tiebreaker round that will last for approximately twelve hours. The winner(s) of the tiebreaker round will earn their respective placements. The remaining icon(s) will receive honourable mentions in recognition of their efforts, but not a banner.

Along with the winners I will be listing the runner-ups icons anonymously in order of ranking. This isn't meant to make anyone feel bad, its to let you know how you did and encourage everyone to keep trying. I think it's important to get such feedback.


If you place (1st, 2nd, 3rd or MC) during a week and would like a banner, please go to custom_banners and request one as this community no longer maintains a staff of bannermakers.

If you are interested in volunteering to help make banners for this and other icontests, then submit an application here with some samples of your work.

All past banner set posts are saved in the memories section for ease of access. Remember to treat them with respect: be patient and always say thank-you when you claim yours.


If you'd like to be an affiliate, please add our link first and comment on this post. We will affiliate with any icon or Square Enix related community. We will not affiliate with any personal ijournals just to be fair to all members, but to see a list of our members' ijorunals you can visit this post.

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view more affiliates here


All artwork, series & character design featured are © Square Enix unless otherwise stated. We are not affiliated with Square Enix, nor are we making any profit from this community.

All icons displayed here are © their respective owners and may not be taken without their permission.

The layout design, featured graphics and code are all © Jacqueline aka wildmusings and may not be taken, reproduced or distributed without prior permission.


If you'd like to link to us, it would be much appreciated. You can use a text link or one of these button, just please remember to upload it to your own server.