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Vote: Mix & Match

We have 5 amazing icon sets for the extended Mix & Match theme, thanks to those members that were able to submit for helping to make our last challenge a success! And now it's time for all available members to cast their votes. Please vote if you can, whether you submitted an icon or not, as the more votes we receive ensures more accurate results. Every last vote makes a difference so I'd really appreciate it if you could take the time to cast yours. Make the most of this one final chance and vote!

To vote leave a screened comment to this post with the numbers of your first, second and third choice icons that you feel are best overall, in that order because that is how the points will be awarded. Here is an example of the proper voting format. Just make sure I can differentiate which of the three chosen icons are first, second and third; that and remember you are voting on these icons as a set.

First: 45
Second: 72
Third: 36

Or like this:


Voting Rules
- You must be a member to vote, one ballot per member (excludes multiple accounts)
- You must vote for a total of three sets (no more, no less) or your vote will be discarded
- Vote for the best/most appropriate sets overall, not your favourite series/character/etc.

Do Not's
- Do not vote for your own set or feel obligated to vote for your friend's set
- Don't vote for an set more than once... I'm not sure why you would, but just in case
- Do not reveal your entry until voting is closed or pressure people to vote for you
- Do not create multiple fake accounts to cheat, I check IP adresses and account status

If you accidently vote for the wrong number of sets, vote for the same set twice or vote for a non-existant entry then I will reply to your comment asap and give you a chance to revote. Otherwise if you break one of the rules chances are your vote will be discarded and/or, depending on the offence, your icon may face disqualification. It is at my discretion to discard suspicious votes.

- 01 -


- 02 -


- 03 -


- 04 -


- 05 -


01: Theme #'s 1, 6 & 3. Reference to Icarus from Greek Mythology
02: Theme #'s 1, 5 & 3. Textures by girlboheme and hgx. Reference to the Valkyries from Norse mythology
03: Theme #'s 6, 4 & 1
04: Theme #'s 4, 5 & 6
05: Theme #'s 6, 1 & 5

01: Selective Colouring
03: Ancient Myths & Lore
04: A Melody, The Memory by Mae
05: Empty Space
06: If Today Was Your Last Day by Nickleback

Voting will close Monday, April 20th at 8:00 PM EST at night. At that time a public comment will be appended to the voting post and no late votes will be accepted afterwards, so please vote by then. Once voting is closed, you are free to publically display/distribute your entry as it will have no impact on the results. Winners will be announced sometime after depending on my schedule. There is no new theme as we are closing our doors soon.
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